Proto Sliders 110mm Wheels - All Colors


$78.99 USD 

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Proto Slider 110mm wheels are some of the smoothest, freshest and fastest wheels available. These USA made wheel have an anodized core for durability and feature BUFF Core Technology to reduce dehubbing. All PROTO Scooter Wheels come with bearing removal slots for taking bearings out with ease. These wheels come with High Quality PROTO Murders Bearings Pre-installed. 110 MM Diameter Wheel. 8.86 oz Per 5 Spoke Wheel With Bearing Installed. Anodized 6061 T-6 Aluminum Core for Durability. Slider Urethane Formula for smooth speed 100% Made In the California. PROTO Scooters is totally rider owned. 90 Day Limited Warranty.

  • 110 MM Wheel-Sliders smoothest wheels on the street
  • Bearing Removal Slots-Machined into the core
  • 8.86 Oz Per Wheel With Bearings Installed
  • 100% Made In California
  • PROTO Murders Bearings Pre-Installed


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