Lucky Cody Flom Signature Deck


$149.95 USD 


At only 16 years old, Cody Flom has accomplished what many can only dream of doing. The Lucky Cody Flom Signature Deck shows his style and his favorite bible verse on the side of the deck.  With his 2nd place at Nitro World Games, 6th place in the ISA World Championship, and his countless wins in North America, he has made his mark in the scootering world.  

  • Cody Flom Sig Card included with all decks.
  • Deck includes a brake, axle, nut, & spacers.
  • Material: Extruded 6061 aluminum T6
  • Finish: Matte Light Blue
  • Dimensions: 19.5” x 4.25” (495 mm x 108mm)
  • Weight: 3.15lbs (1.42kg)
  • Neck/Headtube: Forged/CNC, Integrated (Headset sold separately)
  • Headtube Angle: 82.5º
  • Bottom and Sides: Flat
  • Concave: 4º
  • Welds: TIG - Robotic Welded
  • Brake: Steely Brake included
  • Hardware: High tensile steel rear axle bolt, nut & spacers
  • Griptape: Lucky Die Cut Logo Fitted Grip Tape

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