Ethic Pandemonium Deck


$209.99 USD $225.00 USD

Ethics goal with the Pandemonium was to offer a new type of deck. They wanted it to have ambitious and bigger dimensions, while still surpassing existing decks in terms of reactivity. Ethic reached their goal, with a 4.75 inch width and a wider profile underneath, it's way more stable for rails and curbs. In addition beacuse of improved construction and heat treatment, it's still lighter, stronger, more flexible and better balanced. The new brake technology made of nylon molded on steel bring a real difference compared to previous versions including stronger, quieter, more accurate and lighter. This deck is deck to be long so the 22.5 length gives it a badass pop, but for those who don't want to go big, a 21 inch version is also available. Nothing will ever be the same again." Weight - 2.6 lbs Length - 21 or 22.5 inches Width - 4.75 inches Concave - yes Headtube Angle - 83 degree Material - aluminum alloy 6061 T6 Headset - Fully Integrated Axles and Brake Included

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