Ethic Merrow Fork V2 ICS


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The Ethic Merrow V2 Fork is CNC'd to the limits of what's possible.  Maximized for strength and weight, the Ethic Merrow V2 Fork is a work of art.  

The Ethic Merrow V2 Fork is made of 7075 T4/T6 forged aluminum alloy which is the strongest aluminum alloy and can withstand extreme pressures and forces. This type of alloy cannot be welded so the fork is forged into one single piece of aluminum then treated to eliminate any weak points. At 0.48 lbs the Ethic Merrow fork is the lightest on earth. 

The Ethic Merrow V2 Fork integrates steel spacers for more durable rolling, and a headset ring to make it easier to mount on decks with integrated headsets.

7075 T6 forged aluminium alloy

Integrated Headset ring

Maximum wheel size - 110mm

Integrated spacers

Compression System - ICS 10

Weight - 0.48 lbs


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