Ethic Deildegast Bars


$125.00 USD 


For the Deildegast Bars Ethic really wanted to go beyond what they had been doing in the past technologically and on every other aspect.  The Deildegast is a really wide, flexible, solid and comfortable bar designed with an optimal geometry.  

For the first time in the scooter industry they are using multibutted (7 thickness variations) coupled with a complete heat treatment to get a ligher, more resistant bar.  

The Deildegast Bars are one of their most beautiful creations.

Material - Steel 4130 Chromoly

Weight : 2.3 lbs

Height - 26.4 inches

Width - 23.6 inches

Tube diameter - Standard size 31.8 mm

Backsweep - 3 degrees

Upsweep - 1 degree



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