Envy KOS S3 2016


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Envy has just released their 2016 KOS range and they are going fast! This year Envy has upgraded a few things with the complete scooters. This year the completes are taller, wider and more durable. The decks are made of 6061-T6 aluminum and are 19.88" L x 4.7" W and come with forged SOBv3 anodized forks. This year the brake is a nylon composite with a spring insert. The headset is a standard integrated sealed bearing set with an anodized dust cap. The bars are 25.2" H x 22.83" W, made out of chromoly on the Soul, 25.2" H x 22.83" W, made out of aluminum on the Heist and 25.2" H x 22.83" W, aluminum Max Peters bars! Thats right, this year Envy released some aluminum Max Peters bars. They all come with IHC compression and 120mm wheels. 

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