Apex SCS Gama Clamp


$69.99 USD $80.00 USD


Apex Gama SCS clamp is one of the only three bolt CNCed SCS clamp on the market, making the SCS very original. The perfect clamp for the rider looking for a light clamp. This weighs in at only 8.7 ounces.

REMEMBER: When using the APEX SCS Clamp you will have to cut the top of your fork tube (or get the proper sized headset spacers) down to at least the height of the APEX shim to make sure that your clamp fits properly and you are getting the maximum performance out of your clamp. The APEX Pro SCS is 78mm in height.
APEX SCS Gama weighs 247gms – the lightest and on the market.
This clamp predominantly runs SCS, but ICS can be run with this product.
Standard handle bars can be used with the SCS, Oversized handle bars can be used if the Alloy shim is removed.



3x M8 Bolts, 1 x M6 Bolt,  1 x Volcano Centre Cap, 1 x Alloy

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