How To Choose The Right Scooter

Our most common questions we get asked when looking for a pro scooter are..."How do I choose the right scooter?"  or "Is it time to upgrade to a pro model scooter?"  We'd like to make this as easy as possible so anyone who is trying to get into the sport can understand.  We'll lay down the basics for you here.

In choosing the right scooter, there are a number of questions we'd like to ask first.  Is this your first pro scooter?  What riding style do you prefer?  Age? Brands? and also budget.   If you are just getting into the sport, Welcome.  This is the perfect time because the sport is evolving everyday and riders are pushing the limits on all aspects of the industry.  

When choosing the right scooter you can either purchase a complete pro scooter ready-to-ride or you can custom build one to your specifications.  For the sake of this article, we'll discuss purchasing a complete pro scooter ready-to-ride. 


For beginners we generally start off with entry-level models.  Going this route will be the most inexpensive starting about $100 and up.  The entry level pro scooters generally have smaller bars, smaller decks, plastic or metal core 100mm wheels, non-integrated headsets, threaded forks, and are aimed for riders around 5-9 years of age.  These are similar to models located at your local Big Box stores, however since the sport is growing at a rapid rate, our brands are coming up with entry-level models that are blowing away local Big Box scooter specs.  A really good example of some entry-level complete pro scooters would be such as the Envy Colt, Dominator Trooper, and also the AO pioneer.  These pro models do not adjust in height nor do they fold and these models are solid and will withstand a rider who is just getting into the sport with no problem.


Riders who are bigger or intermediate usually pre-teen will require a complete scooter to fit their needs.  This category will include taller bars, wider deck, integrated headset, and metal 110mm wheels.  Complete scooters in this range generally start at about $200 and up.  Some intermediate scooters we recommend would be Envy Prodigy, Phoenix Session, Lucky Covenant.  


Large riders will prefer bigger wheels from 110mm to 125mm wheels, beefy decks to accommodate bigger feet, and wider and taller bars, maybe oversized.  Advanced pro scooters will range at about $250 and up.  These specs are definitely aimed for the serious rider.  Some completes we suggest in the category would be Envy Heist, Lucky Evo, Phoenix Sequel and AO Stealth 3 Complete. 

Riding Style

Where do you ride?  At the skatepark?  In front of your house?  To and from school? There's two riding grounds, park and street.  Some scooters are aimed for park while some are for street but any complete pro scooter ready-to-ride will be sufficient for both. Park riders are usually at skateparks and street riders ride obstacles as they see them in various locations such as rails, benches, stairs, planters, etc.  Nonetheless, there are products on the market for these two styles of riding.  


Scooters vary in all price ranges.  They can start at $90 and go up to about $800.  Now generally speaking you can get an awesome complete pro scooter for about $100-$300.  Our complete pro scooters come about 90% complete with little to no real labor to assemble.  Our complete scooters come with manufacturer instructions and tools to make this easy for you, however, if you live near the Southern California area (we're in Chino), we'd be more than happy to build the scooter you've purchased from us at no additional charge.  

Below are some parts of the scooter 


There's a huge variety of bars from T-bars to bars with gussets, bars made of steel or chromoly, ovesized and standard, heat treated bars and a large amount of colors.  


Most forks are CNC'd for durability.  Holds the front wheels in place.


Decks will range from 4 1/4" to 5" wide, 19" to 22" long and weighing in at 2-4lbs.  For younger riders, we'd recommend smaller decks.  


Entry level scooters normally start out with 100mm wheels.  Intemediate and advanced scooters come with 110mm or 120mm wheels.  The bigger the wheel the faster they go.  Wheels come in different PU numbers.  The higher the PU (polyurethane) number the harder the wheel.  The harder and bigger the wheel, the faster you'll go.  The softer the wheel, the smoother the riding and landing will be.  In addition, softer wheels will provide more traction and grip the surface you're riding on better.  

Bearings may sometimes be included with wheels.  Bearings start at ABEC 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9. The higher ABEC the greater speed capabilities and precision. 


We understand there's much to consider when purchasing a complete scooter but if you have any questions or concerns, we'days a week to ensure you get the most knowledge you can when choosing the right scooter!

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