About Us

We are a family-owned Pro Scooter shop established in 2012 in Chino, CA. We carry a full line of Pro Scooters from reputable brands such as Envy Scooters, Apex Scooters, Lucky Scooters, Ethic DTC, Fasen, District Scooters, Eagle Supply Wheels, MGP, Urban Artt, Tilt, AO, Elyts, Proto, River Wheels, Elite Scooters, ODI Grips just to name a few. We offer Pro Scooter repair & maintenance along with any part you would need to get your scooter at its best. 

We at The Shop Pro Scooter Lab are here for our customers.  We pride ourselves in making sure our customer's are satisfied.  Our customer reviews are very important to us and therefore we make an effort to have a pleasant visit with us whether it be online or in store.

We also strive to contribute to the Scooter Community as much as possible, whether it be hosting numerous ISA Pro Scooter Competitions or sponsoring extremely talented Professional Riders.  Now is the time for growth in this sport and we are here for it and it's riders.

We are open 7 days a week from 10:30AM to 7:00PM and open most holidays including extended hours during the Christmas Season to suit the average person's busy schedule. There is always a mechanic on duty and here to answer any questions you may have. We can ensure your scoot will be in great hands. 

 All of our scooters are professionally built by one of our skilled mechanics who are also Professional Riders. They have the knowledge and skill to make sure you walk out happy. Come by The Shop and get your scooter dialed and meet our friendly staff such as Nolan Shoemaker, Michael Uhrich, Bransyn Smith, Cam Ward, and Anthony Ramirez. We are right across the street from Ayala Skate Park in Chino, CA. Come in and check out all of the latest and greatest products the scooter industry has to offer.

If you have any questions or concerns or even if you can't find something you're looking for, please feel free to contact us at (866) 815-7469 or email us at info@proscooterlab.com. Shred on!

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