The Shop Pro Scooter Lab proactively seeks athletes to represent us as a brand and a shop. Do you think you have what it takes to get sponsored? We are looking for the perfect candidates to add to our Team who would be great role models and responsible riders to represent The Shop. Athletes from all over the world are evaluated and invited into the program to represent The Shop Pro Scooter Lab brand.

To apply, CLICK HERE to create an account and input your social media information and links to your edit then please leave a comment below with your name, contact email and a paragraph of why you would be the best athlete in the message box below. Selected athletes are provided varying levels of support in the program based on their results, exposure and fit with The Shop Pro Scooter Lab brand.  

You MUST complete both steps to apply for a sponsorship. You will receive a confirmation Email within 48 hours showing your submission has been accepted.

We are always looking for the best of the best so you may just be the next addition to our team.

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  • Bailey Cleary - November 06, 2016

    I have been riding since I was 5 years old im from Australia I will put a video on instagram and face book of a doulble whip and a whip air and whip flat I have done numerous scooter comps and mostly won and I ride a grit co scooter with hella grips and neco headset and also district wheels I go to the skate park every day and try something new

  • Morgan Steil - November 04, 2016

    Hi my name is Morgan Steil I have been scootering for two and a half months and i want to be sponsored so i can represent the company also so i can acheive my goals i am dedecating my life to scootering i am getting better every day i am working on getting better and better scooters i hope i can support your team and represent it hope i get sponsored thank you!

  • Morgan Steil - November 03, 2016

    My name is morgan steil I am 9 years old i have been scootering for 2 and a half months i live in iowa i also like street and park i like ollieing on stuff and jumping off.

  • Bertie Nichols - October 26, 2016

    My name is Bertie I have been riding for 2 and a half years and now 14 I am sponsored by levo audio. At my local skatepark I have little kids looking up to me and I help them to learn new tricks . My favorite tricks is alley oop bri as there so fun to do and I love riding scooters because there really fun. I would be a good person to sponsor as I get company’s out there like levo for example my instagram is Bertie_nichols_ and a link to my most recent edit https://youtu.be/KKHEQ2Ob8eM

  • gary - October 26, 2016

    i have 3 clips on my instagram and they are ok but i have way more than that if you want ill record some and show you the best things i can do
    .triple whip
    .2x whip flat
    others aswell

  • gary qosja - October 26, 2016

    hi,my names Gary qosja and im looking for a sponsor ship from you guys,
    you seem pretty ligit and cool and i think o would work really well with you i can do loads of things on a scooter.
    im Gary
    age 13
    grit 2016 scooter
    local seaford
    salts skate park
    live near seaford

  • Reuben hugman - October 19, 2016

    Hi, I’m Reuben Hugman and I am 15 years old. I live in Newmarket, Suffolk in the U.K and I love riding scooters. I am constantly trying my hardest to learn new tricks and push myself to be the best I can. My Instagram is @Reuben.smx and I usually post quite a lot. I have a few clips and I hope you can check them out. I think you should sponsor me because I will represent your name and products by wearing your products and riding your parts. I will do whatever it takes to get the name out there. Thank you.

  • Rowan Tyler - October 10, 2016

    Hello my name is Rowan Tyler im 14 years old I live Contoocook, NH and I love riding scooters. Scootering is my passion and I will continue to ride for as long as I live. Ive been riding at my local for months and I still love the park. Fall is around the corner so I have to ride at my closest indoor park (Rye Airfield) which is 1 hour 30 mins away. I love riding but I cant go to that park every day so I need more motivation to go out on my scooter in the winter. Ive never had a sponsor before and I really would like to be a part of a team for motivation to keep progressing on my scooter. I like to meet new riders and ride with them at skateparks and to motivate each other and to learn new tricks with other people. I get along with strangers at my local and like to get to know them. I get lots of support from professional riders on instagram which is where i post most of my clips. Im very interested in your shop ive bought parts from your store before and ive watched your videos on youtube. If i were to get your support then i would be going to my indoor park and pushing myself to share your company and represent the team. Ill put in my sponsorship edit. much love 10/10/16


  • Art McKeen - October 03, 2016

    Hey Pro Scooter Lab! If the offer is still open, I would love to join the team! My skills in scootering vary largely from grinds and front-scoots to Backflips. The most important reason for emailing you for me is to advertise for your company. This means being a responsible role-model at the skate park and overall just being me.

    I hope to hear back from you,

    Yours sincerely, Art Mckeen

  • Olivia Gill - September 30, 2016

    Hi, I think i should be on your team because I would love to be the first girl on your team and rep The Shop down here in Idaho where there are a ton of scooter riders although not many know about you guys currently. Scootering is truly my passion, and I would love to find a company that would help me promote girl scooter riding while as I promote it, I would get all theses new riders to shop from you. I also would be willing to work hard and use a lot of time promoting your shop, plus I ride almost every other day so am always getting new clips which could also help promote the Shop through social media. I have a 4.0 GPA in school and am a very dedicated, hard working person, and always striving to get better learning new tricks consistently in scootering. Thank you for your consideration.

  • Owen a gorecki - September 27, 2016

    My name is Owen a gorecki. I live in Milwaukee Wisconsin.
    Instagram. Owen.vx I have 938 followers on Instagram.
    Facebook. Owen gorecki I have 135 friends on there.
    I really would like to be sponsored by you because I am friends with a lot of skateboarders and they always make fun of me for Ridding a scooter but I use that to make me better and push myself to get better.

  • Tyler - September 26, 2016

    I love scootering started 3 years ago I’m getting really good I learn fast when I fall I get up and ride again I’m 11 years old hoping for a sponcer

  • nicholas - September 24, 2016

    hi my name is nicholas siemeck an i have what it takes to become sponsored by this company i scooter all day trying to improve and i am 12 years old i live in chicago Illinois Orland park and i want to be sponsored by the shop because i want to get the name the shop out there and want to represent your clothes in skateparks and other competitions and other events.

  • Chris Mikhaiel - September 22, 2016

    Hi, my name is Chris Mikhaiel. I am 17 years of age and have been riding for 4 years. I am mainly a park rider but also have a lot of experience in riding street as well. I’ve been at local at The shop for a long time now and have always been buying my parts from you guys. It would be great to maybe become part of family and start repping and riding for you guys. For the past few months, I have been on and off of injuries and just wasn’t able to finish my edit. So here is my quick release for now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2A40NbYnY8&app=desktop

  • Caleb Griffis - September 20, 2016

    Hello my name is caleb griffis. I was looking for a sponsorship and i think that I would be a good addition to your team. I live in Gilbert AZ and I am always going around to all if the different skateparks here in AZ and I think that I could be a good way to spread the word about your guys shop. If you would like to look at my instagram its @caleb_griffis i also have an edit if you guys would like to watch it here is the link https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=J5RLJ1A1bRA

  • Dakota Shockley - September 19, 2016

    Hi, I am Dakota Shockley Im 11 and live in Chino Hills CA and I would love to represent the shop and ride for you guys. I love going to the shop. So many of my friends ask were to buy a scooter and I tell them to go to the Shop.

  • Colin Grimley - September 15, 2016

    I’m 11 years old. I love to scooter. I’m not that good yet, but I’m willing to work hard to learn. My YouTube channel is GrimBros Vlogs. I have a crisp scooter. But I’m working on an all Neochrome complete. I hope I’m good enough for you to choose to let me get a chance at the job of scootering. Instagram name unbearable_donut.

  • Peyton Guyot - September 13, 2016

    I was wondering if there was a way you could support me as a rider?
    Just a couple reasons why.

    I think that you should sponsor me because I am a dedicated fast learning rider. I work day and night perfecting my skills as a rider to better myself as a person and a scooter rider. Last year in the beginning of 7th grade I worked hard on not just scooting but my school work. I have chosen to go to my local skate park at the minimum of 2 times a week, no matter whats going on in life.

    I think that being sponsored would help me as a scooter rider to set more goals and to know theirs someone I can reach out to if I need any help. Also being sponsored would inflict you as a company. Supporting me will be having a young rider that is dedicated to share all about your company and my abilities as a rider, and thrive in my skills.

    Some experiences I have has as a scooter rider is you have to just send it. I have tried tricks and have had second thought in the middle of it and that just makes things worse. If I’m going to try something new I have to be fully committed. I have learned skate park etiquette, how to deal with skateboarders that really don’t like scooters, and how to deal with people calling me gay for scooting. I don’t care anymore what my peers think about me, and that’s really why I have gotten so dedicated as a rider.

    If you have any further questions feel free to ask.

    Peyton Guyot

    Insta// peyton.guyot

  • luis bennert - September 08, 2016

    hi the shop you have so much gread parts iam from germany and my best tricks are backflip whip rewind flair double whip and bar rewind rewind whip and my question is are you have a pleace in the team i hope i become a feedback

  • Peter Shewarne Hillarian rodrigo - September 08, 2016

    I am 13 years old from WA. I would like to get sponsored to show how good my team is to meet new people and learn more scooter tricks. I have been riding for 6 years I am from Sri Lanka and all my friends are sponsored. I currently live in south Hedland Wa.

  • Quinn Gannon - September 05, 2016

    Hi I am 14 years old and have been scootering for about 2 years now. I was hoping that you could take a quick look at my Instagram and if you liked what you saw if you would like to sponser me. If I was sponsored by you I would not only buy and use from you I would help spread your name and promote you were ever I went!
    I hope we can talk soon!
    Thanks, Quinn
    Instagram is Quinng.3

  • Kalob Campbell - September 02, 2016

    Hi there
    My name is Kalob Campbell and i was wondering if i could get sponsored bye TSI to check out some of my clips goto my instagram and facebook IG scootergod1 FB Kalob Campbell

    maybe i can ride for u guys as street im really good at street

    contact me at abc123kmoney@gmail.com or my instagram scootergod1

    Thank You have a nice day

  • sam mudriyan - September 02, 2016

    hi my name is Sam i ride scooters. I’m 13 years old and i’m getting better every day. The reason you should sponsor is i’m a good rider who loves learning every day. I’m also very enthusiastic about the sport. I will do whatever i need to do to represent your company. i will ride with your apparel i will ride your parts and i will slap on your stickers wherever i can. That’s why you should sponsor me

  • Bryce Baumeister - August 31, 2016

    Will you sponsor me? My name is Bryce Baumeister I am 13 years old and I live in Elkhorn, Wisconsin . I think you should sponsor me because scootering is awesome to me and I try to ride as much as possible. I go to Milwaukee cream city a lot and I would like to represent the shop everytime I go.
    Bryce Baumeister

  • Payton Fleming - August 27, 2016

    Bascically in just this summer i progressed a lot. I locally ride near the kitchen skatepark, South Bend IN, and i plan on taking scooters and bmx to a big level. Just this summer i learned backflips, quad whips, rewinds and more. I also dont have much on media other then instagram and i have a terrible camera for filming but i try. This winter I plan on getting a camera and making an edit at the Kitchen skatepark. Thanks for reading this. If you do look into me please just give me tips to become a better rider.

  • Saku Kopra - August 24, 2016

    Hi The Shop! I’m Saku Kopra and i’m 12 years old scooter rider from Helsinki, Finland. I have ride for 3 years and now i’m the Finnish U14 champion. I just want to advertise you and share you in Europe. Edit link here https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=v_FjIXO1dmQ and instagram is @sakukkopra

  • Brenton Reich - August 17, 2016

    Hey, my name is Brenton Reich, I’m 13 years old, I live in Brighton, CO and I have been riding for about a year now. Maybe longer. But I feel like you guys should sponsor me because I am responsible, smart, I get riding time in when ever possible, and everyone at my local park knows and likes me. I am always helping out and I really want to be sponsored. I would be so happy and proud to represent and advertise The Shop Pro Scooter Lab and I would recommend you to everyone at every skatepark I go to. I would tell people to go online sometime and check you out and tell. I ride lucky, ethic, epic, tilt, odi and envy parts on 2 of my scooters. Please sponsor me. Thanks!!

  • Jacob Reimer - August 13, 2016

    Hey guys, my name is Jacob, I’m from largo, Florida , and have been riding since summer 2011. I’ve really grown with this sport and never plan to part from it . I feel like being a part of a team would really further my horizon within the scooter industry and I’ll do my very best to rep hard . I’m not going to sit here and say that I’m the best or anything, cause I’m for sure not, but I do try to put my best efforts forth to progression.
    Thank you for your consideration !

  • Matt Clicher - August 10, 2016

    suh dud,
    My name is Matt Clicher I am a 13 year old rider from Toronto, Ontario. i have been riding for 3 years and enjoy the extreme sport. I would extremely love to be apart of the shop so i help u out in fame.

  • Aidan del Pino - August 08, 2016

    I am a 12 year old kid who loves the sport of scootering very much who goes to the skatepark as much as possible. I would love to promote a shop and held their brand increase in sales! I ride park and love to travel to new parks. It would be a dream come true if you guys were to sponsor me! I live in Texas and everybody here needs good parts and I would love to let them know about your shop and your prices! My Instagram is @king_of_gnarnia_
    Link to an edit- https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=o3Jn3a23gEI

    Thank you!?

  • Mike Manfre - August 06, 2016

    Hi there,
    I’m Mike Manfre, I am an ammateur scooter rider for the heart of New Jersey. My local is the incline club and I ride as much as possible. I’ve been riding for two years and have been repping my sponsors hard since I have joined the team. I love the sport and love being a part of it. Here is the link to my first youtube edit/welcome video. Check it out if you have the time. i would love to be a part of the team as would anyone. Thank you.

  • Craig Wild - August 05, 2016

    Hello, my name is Craig Wild. I am 16 years old from Ingersoll, Ontario. I have been riding for about three years now and I have been told that my progression is hard to keep up too. I would love to represent The Shop and advertise them to fellow riders at the skateparks by showing off their products and suggesting them to others. Here is the link to my most recent edit - https://youtu.be/AjyrQFtajVc
    And check out my instagram for my latest clips (updated very often) @that_scooter_kid74

    If you are interested, let me know. Thanks

  • Jay mccorkell - August 05, 2016

    Hey my name is jay mccorkell im 17 im from sydney Australia looking to thake my passion forward i ride scooters im good at what i do im a team rider for proteus co also sponsored by them i have entered in 3 scooter comp i uave gotten 2 3rd’s and 1 second place awards if you wanna cheack out my social media it is @jay_dashy1 thanks hope you can get back to me.

  • Zach Ailey - August 04, 2016

    Hi my name is zach and i think i have what it takes to be a sponsored scooter rider. i am 13 years old and live in erie,colorado. i have been working hard for a while now and i will keep doing that if or if not you guys sponsor me. thank you for this opportunity.

  • Joven Raguse - August 03, 2016

    G day my name is Joven I’m a country boy I ride scooters I’m pretty good for a country boy. It’s hard to drive into town every day because where out of town it’s hard to buy scooters and I’ve always wanted a envy heist because we don’t have much money so I would like to get sponsored so I can get the money to by some ramps for my backyard. Thank you for reading this

  • Andy - July 31, 2016

    Hi the shop I would like to be sponsored by the shop because I know you guys are fun and want the best of me pleas

  • Ty Powell - July 28, 2016

    My name is Ty, I don’t have a full edit yet and I also don’t have many clips on my insta, but I am going to work hard to learn more to make a full edit. I really love this sport and I love the feeling of progressing and getting better. I would really like if I gother some kind of response,
    Thanks, Ty.

  • James F.X. Brady IV - July 26, 2016

    Hey Team!

    Aside from riding scooters since their inception 15+ years ago, I’ve become an aesthetic and stylish rider who has had the time to fine-tune some of the most technical grinds and street tricks NEVER YET SEEN. Handrails are something of a specialty and I’ll jump over anything that’s on fire. I’ll be 28 years old in October, like I said down since day one, and in that time have obtained a degree in Film, published some papers, and clutched a few awards along the way. I’m a Media prophet with more skills than most and couldn’t see any reason not to at least email me for a more adult like conversation.

    As far as tricks go… biggest handrail is 22 stairs and I’m working on 30, tail whips in AND out of rails, combo’s are king and this is just childish…

    Email me a DIRECT company Email address if you guys would be interested in me sending some clips/photos/ideas your way.


  • Caleb Touchberry - July 25, 2016

    To whom it may concern,
    My name is Caleb Touchberry, I am from Gainesville, Georgia and I have heard great things about your company and your sponsorship program.
    I am an eager,talented scooter
    rider with a high skill set in scooter
    riding. I would appreciate your
    consideration for your sponsorship or support program. I am attatching a link to a YouTube video that will give you a taste of my talents,Thanks for your consideration,
    Sincerely, Caleb
    Instagram: caleb_touchberry

  • Ryan Sharp - July 25, 2016

    Hello I’m Ryan, I’m 15 years old and have been riding for around 2 years. I live in East Sussex, England. I would put 100% commitment into representing your company wherever I go, my local town doesn’t have a scooter shop so the scooter riders don’t know where to get the parts from, this therefore means I would be able to recommend you as the best shop to buy from and could bring in some potential customers.
    I haven’t released a proper edit yet but I have put together a few clips of the tricks that I do at any skate park on a day to day basis (https://www.instagram.com/p/BHvBALqjKK7/?taken-by=ryansharpp). If you would like to see more of me then I will be sure to put a lot of time and effort into making a dedicated edit to show you what I am capable and to display my range of trick variety.
    Many thanks, Ryan.

  • Ryan Sharp - July 23, 2016

    Hello i’m Ryan, i’m 15 years old and have been riding for around 2 years. I live in East Sussex, England. I would put 100% commitment into representing your company wherever i go, my local town doesn’t have a scooter shop so the scooter riders dont know where to get the parts from, this therefore means i would be able to recommend you as the best shop to buy from and could bring in some potential customers.
    I haven’t released a proper edit yet but i have put together a few clips of the tricks that i do at any skatepark on a day to day basis (https://www.instagram.com/p/BHvBALqjKK7/?taken-by=ryansharpp). If you would like to see more of me then i will be sure to put a lot of time and effort into making a dedicated edit to show you what i am capable and to display my range of trick variety.

    Many thanks, Ryan.

  • Steven Rohr - July 23, 2016

    Hi my name is Steven Rohr i’m 15, I’ve been trying to do some tricks and other things with my current scooter but its bad quality so i am limited to what i can do, then the back wheel blew out. But i have a YouTube channel and i’m sure that i can support you guys with doing some things on your scooters. I’ve tried to find other places for parts and etc but i’m sure there not as good as yours, plus i don’t have the money to buy really expensive things. i hope i could show off your equipment!

  • Nic Plasencia - July 22, 2016

    Hello, my name is Nic plasencia. I am a 13 year old scooter rider from the sate of New Jersey.
    I am here today to explain to you why i would like to have a scooter sponsor. I have been scooting since i was about 7. I have definitely improved over the years. No. i do not have nay edits at the time but i am working on one and it will be out August 17, 2016. The name of the edit is called “Welcome To Jersey 2017”. I am a very good rider and i go to a lot of different parks. i will be starting a you tube because ever since i have 6 i have always wanted to be like my childhood you tube scooting idol “Tanner Foxx”. Just want to say thanks again and have a nice day.

    instagram: @nicp.609
    snapchat; @jacksonlax27
    twitter: @nicp28786

  • Erik Andrade - July 21, 2016

    Yooo my name is Erik Andrade, I am 14 years old. I am from Marshalltown Iowa. I have been riding for 4 1/2 years now. I mostly ride park peolle call me the parkfairy. I have many park tricks under my sleeve. I am pushing my self to be a pro rider, and also a park rider with style. Scootering is my passion. Its all i want to be a pro Scooterer its like love and life for me. I spend most of my time at the park. I moslty film everything just in case i catch a good trick and wont have to wait to record it and if i fail, i wont stop till i get it down. And if I was to ride with the pro scooter lab i would do the best i can to land some steezy tricks and help represent the products. i can to profit the team and company with customers and sales. I would throw the company name out there. I would really like to be on the team to meet some riders and travel and get really highly skilled. Sponsorship is all about the company benefiting from there riders and athletes. There are a marketing aspect trying to sell the product and to do so they need to attract as much attention as possible. I am really looking forward to hear amd ride for the team thanks.

  • Harry breess - July 18, 2016

    Hello, my name is harry breeds i am 12 years old i have been riding for 4 years and i am very good on a scooter i can bri flip triple whip etc the edit i am linking is me on my ledge not at the skateapark! There will be an edit of me at the skatepark later on! You should sponser me cause i am the best rider at my locals hereford and ross skatepark i will spread the word around at the skatepark telling people about the shop i am also sponsered by stud scooters and a small partnership with rush skatepark but i am looking for a 3rd sponsership. https://m.youtube.chttps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PGKVrYMueNEom/watch?v=PGKVrYMueNE

  • ryan peterson - July 12, 2016

    My name is Ryan peterson, I’m 12 years old and reside out of bend oregon. I’m inquiring about a potential opportunity to be part of The Pro Scooter Lab Team. It would be an honor for me to represent and market your Pro Shop and products here in Bend oregon and all the major scooter competitions throughout the Unites States. I have done in depth research of many pro scooter shops and truly believe that the way your shop represents itself out in the scooter community and competitions is so amazing and is a company that I would be proud to represent myself as I travel across the United States to ride at the coolest parks. I have traveled throughout the united states hitting many differnt parks and have been very fortunate these past five years riding at many parks acroos america. I’m always at the skate park persistently trying elevate my scoot game and am always willing to take some time out to help my fellow scooter riders to elevate their own scoot game. I have attached a recent edit I made for you your viewing pleasure. Hope to speak to you soon.
    i’m fliming to make a edit coming soon
    ryan peterson

  • Ayden Austin - July 10, 2016

    Hi My name is Ayden Austin and I’m a scooter rider from Mapeton,MN. I ride for proteus scootering and stud scooters, I ride at Calvers park in Albert Lea,MN. I’m looking for my next sponsor and it would be awesome if it was you guys. I consider my self an entry lvl rider witch means some of my best tricks are, double whip, feeble hurricane 270, 360 flat, 180 fakie whip half an out 180 fakie halfcab whip and so on. I’m 12 years old and I’m a good kid in my pov. So it would be awesome to get sponsored by such a good company like you guys. So hopefully I get on the team. Sincerely, Ayden Austin


  • Earl Begay - June 28, 2016

    Hi, my name is Earl I’m a 12 year old scooter rider in Mesa, Arizona. Im a team rider for barebones apparel. I’m willing to support your team and tell people about the shop and ride for you.I’m getting better and better at scootering when I go to the skatepark. It would be a dream to ride for your shop. Thank you

  • kye mclean - June 27, 2016

    Dear The Shop,
    My name is Kye McLean and I am 13 years old from Gold Coast, Australia. I am very dedicated to the sport and I am a great role model around kids. I am very persistence with my tricks, I would work for a sponsorship not just ask for free stuff. I am a keen and nice kid who never gives up, when I fail I get straight back up and land that trick. I would love to be sponsored by The Shop Pro Scooter Lab as that is a step up from my other sponsors.
    yours sincerely, Kye Mclean

  • Dominik Bueckert - June 26, 2016

    I would like to be sponsored because i love to teach younger riders to ride scooters ( Whether it is tricks or just how to ride ). I would like to get sponsored so i can take scootering to the next level. I am very passionate about scootering and the scooter community. I am from a small city in Southern Manitoba, Canada where scootering isn’t very popular but is growing really fast. I have traveled to many different states and provinces to scooter at their skateparks and would love the chance to ride at as many skate parks as i possibly can, all while representing great companies like yours. I am very loyal and get along with people really well. I try to be a good role model to as many kids as possible. I try to be aware at all times that there are smaller eyes watching me.I love to be challenged and i am always looking forward to the next day of riding. Thank you for the opportunity to apply, i cant imagine how many applications you see in a day… Proof that you are a great company and a great example of an awesome sponsor. Take care.

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