Scootfest 2015 Results

Here are the results for Scootfest 2015! This competition was one for the books as the top riders of the world represented their brands.  Grit, Crisp, Lucky, just to name a few sent their top riders to compete at Rush Skatepark in the UK. Pro riders were allowed one run in park course and one in street course to get the best of the best.  Couldn't get a plane ticket to watch it live?  No need to worry, we here at The Shop Proscooterlab have gotcha' covered, watch below and enjoy!  


 Congrats to the winners!!


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  • Curtis Barker - December 26, 2015

    Can you sponsor me my name Curtis Barker I’m 14 I love to ride scooters and I think I have skill on a scooter and I will try my best to push myself to the limit and I will wear your clothes and ride all your parts and put all your stickers everywhere please sponsor I know I have what it takes to be the best and do the best.

  • florentin jadin - December 26, 2015

    hello , my name is JADIN Florentin , i’m 14 years old , i live in the north of France in Hettange grande and i ride scooter . i search a second sponsor (i don’t speaking well english ,sorry)
    instagram: Florentin_Jadin my youtube channel : frc crew

    THANKS YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mia Catalano - November 23, 2015

    Can u sponsor me my name is Mia Catalano Im a girl and I’m 11 I ride scooters and snowboard if you sponsor me I will where are your clothes ride all your projects put your stickers everywhere do what every u need

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