Who's Ready for the Envy Prodigy S4?

The all new Envy Prodigy S4 is one complete scooter that should be on almost every kid's Christmas List.  Envy is always improving and this model is no exception.  Brand new color ways, taller bars, wider deck, 86A PU wheels which will be longer lasting, softer, and provide more grip.  This time around Envy decided to add a Nylon brake to keep you scooter sounding dialed longer.  Make sure to get your Envy Prodigy S4 at The Shop Proscooterlab!

Check out our backyard park (Big Chino) in the Envy promo below!

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  • Richard - February 25, 2017

    I really hope to represent your brand and note only just to be proud of being sponsored to be recognized as a young kid that has good skill in the sport of scootering

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