PROTO - Gripper 110mm Chema Cardenas Sig. (Teal On Teal)


$82.95 was $90.00

PROTO - Gripper 110mm Chema Cardenas Sig. (Teal On Teal)

Grippers™ – The original PROTO wheel, Grippers™ are as fast, smooth, and strong as they come. The spoked core provides an excellent strength the weight ratio. The Gripper wheel has a slitly softer urethane than the Sliders™. Generally a harder wheel is recommended for street and a softer wheels for parks.

 All Proto Wheels are 110mm

  • 7.5 oz each
  • Bearing removel slots

All Proto Wheels carry a lifetime warranty on “delaminating” (where the urethane cleanly separates from the core leaving no trace of adhesion) and a 90 day warranty on all chunking (where a piece of urethane tears from the core)! NOTE: “Flat-Spots” are not covered by our warranty and are considered user-error.

If you feel your product qualifies for a warrantied replacement please email photos of the damaged products to along with your ORIGINAL proof of purchase to initiate the replacement process! Keep in mind you MUST be the original owner and the products cannot be modified in ANY way! All warranty claims will be evaluated for their authenticity before any warranty is issued.


    ***SHIPS WITHIN 24-48 HOURS*** 




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